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WI Kids Camp-GLR has been canceled for this summer due to COVID-19.

Monday, June 15 – Friday, June 19, 2020

This area contains information relevant to churches & counselors (staff) participating in WI Kids Camp.

Important Camper & Staff Registration Updates


Staff Registration – OPEN! 

Adult Counselor Registration

Junior Counselor Registration


Staff Training

In addition to our staff training meetings, we ask that every staff member reads to following:


What? Did that say “training meetings?” Yes, prior to camp, we will walk through the week together as a team. You will choose your meeting time on your registration form.

And Why? We believe that we will have more emotional and physical capacity to be our best and handle any surprises if we know what to expect and what is expected of us. These short meetings will result in a more rewarding week for staff and campers. Thank you!

Staff Positions

The primary need for staff for WI Kids Camp are counselors.  We need:

  • Adult counselors (18 and over)
  • Junior counselors (must have completed grade 8 by the end of the 2019-2020 school year)

We worked out a great deal with the camp facility in regard to staff. For every 5 campers we get 1 staff person for free. Which works out to a 5:1 ratio, students to leader. So staff do not cost anything! (Unless we go over that ratio) Cool, eh?! Staff do not have to pay to serve at WI Kids Camp for the week!!

What does it look like to be staff (counselors & junior counselors) at WI Kids Camp?

The counselors and junior counselors will really be focused on fun and relationship all week. Relationship with yourself, other campers and, most importantly, God.

Staff gets to:

        • Lead campers spiritually in discussions and one-on-one
        • Help campers thrive through the week emotionally and physically
        • Have a ton of fun!

Each church is responsible for striving to have enough adult counselors and junior counselors for the campers they are bringing.

An example would be:  For every 10 male campers you will want to have 1 adult male along with 1 adult male or junior male counselor. Our goal is to try to keep group sizes small to grow in relationship, and we would also like the relationship to continue beyond camp week. Thank you for working hard to strive toward this mission-minded goal!


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WI Kids Camp Leadership

Director: Chris Bickett
Speaker: Jason Rhoads
Co-Director: Jody Elmquist
Worship Leader: Ashley Davis